UX/UI country. If careers were vacations, you’d probably go here.

In today’s transformational age aflush with career options, the task of finding the perfect career is akin to rumbling through a haystack in search of that elusive needle. Evidently, new disciplines are emerging virtually every day and piling on to the soaring stack of new job roles. With unprecedented choice, one is staring at a confusing plethora of equally good options.

Thankfully, for those in the creative arena, especially, the ones interesting in design-related careers, the choice is as easy as pie; there’s one distinctive option truly worthy of pursuing – UX & UI Design. It’s a new-age career pathway perfect for the young, ambitious, and aspiring designer.

UX and UI Design jobs offer the perfect blend of high salary, growth potential, and job security, making them attractive career choices. In fact, UX/UI Design is trending as one of the top 10 careers in the world. Browse through any design job board today and it’s likely that you’ll find at least a couple of openings for UX/UI Design. And it’s not hard to find the reason for this high demand.

For most of us, hardly a day goes by without visiting a website, using some digital product or an app on our smartphones. From paying a bill online to purchasing a product at an e-commerce store, hiring a cab or seeking some information/service through a website, everything is tied to UX/UI Design; two inter-dependent disciplines that help improve the quality of interaction between the user and the digital product, effectively improving expected outcomes (it could be anything from ‘visitor count’ to ‘sales conversions’, ‘registrations/subscriptions’, etc…)

More and more businesses are realizing that designing apps/websites with attractive+clutter-free user interfaces and functional+intuitive user experience are key to improving customer satisfaction, branding/sales, and relevant organization goals.

Because of this growing importance of UX/UI to business, the job market is witnessing heightened demand for UX/UI Design professionals. Employers are struggling to find UX/UI professionals as there is an acute shortage of experienced talent. While the best web designing courses are available, one cannot say the same of UX/UI as they are emerging disciplines.

Many recruiters in the design space claim that UX/UI Design is one of the most difficult roles for companies to fill and point to the fact that many UX/UI Design roles in the job market remain unfilled. And as demand outstrips supply, UX salaries are increasing year on year. Catering to this growing demand for UX/UI designers, many multimedia institutes are offering ux design courses in Hyderabad. They are imparting a variety of short-term and long-term courses in UX/UI Design, both through the conventional, brick-and-mortar classroom mode and the online, virtual classes platform.

However, in the current situation, online programs are a great way to utilize time, upskill, and prepare for a career in this emerging field. Creative Multimedia’s transformative UX Design program is designed to help you advance your career.

Available in Basic and Advanced versions, the UX Design online programs are imparted by an experienced industry professional through convenient weekend sessions (Two per week) on Saturday and Sunday. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a Certificate and can avail placement assistance.

So take the program and get started on a great career journey to UX country. Rest assured, you’ll
stay back and enjoy a lifetime of personal and professional growth. Bon voyage!
For more on the program eligibility, schedule, fees and other details,
Please Call:  +91 9052509052 / CLICK HERE

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