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Growing importance of Animation, Graphics and Illustrations in the Medical arena.


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The use of Animation and graphics is extending beyond the conventional fields of media and entertainment – film making, gaming and advertising. For years, Animation and multimedia have been used to tell stories, convey messages and entertain. Today, Animation is also being used to educate, research, simulate and more. It is making inroads into areas such as Science and Technology, Retail, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Healthcare. A range of Animation techniques – 2D, 3D, 4D and Flash combined with advances in technology are driving new applications for animation, even as “Medical” is emerging as one of the fastest growing verticals of the animation market globally.


This was highlighted during a presentation made during the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of Creative Multimedia Group held on 20th July, 2019 at Ravindra Bharathi. (Creative Multimedia Group runs the best animation college Hyderabad can be proud of.)  The presentation was made by Dr. Neeraj Raj, a pioneering expert in Multimedia + Animation and a distinguished speaker at several national and International forums on Digital Medical Education. He holds the distinction of setting up Andhra Pradesh’s first Multimedia Studio and one of the first Animation companies in India. An accomplished artist, his cartoons have been published in leading publications and exhibited at the World Humour Conference.

Dr. Neeraj graduated as Best Outgoing Student from Osmania Medical College and went on to establish “Medisys”, the first and largest ever MOOC for Medicine offering over 150 SmarTeach Online courses. He also set up the first ever Virtual Medical University offering PG, diploma and CME courses and is the proud recipient of the “Vaidyashree Award” for outstanding contributions to medical education. Eminently qualified to hold forth on medical animation, Dr. Neeraj was invited as a special guest for the celebrations, during which he delivered an in-depth presentation on how this emerging discipline is taking shape.

Dr. Neeraj Raj is at the forefront of the medical animation revolution in India, having established Immertive Pvt. Ltd., an enterprise specializing in creating immersive experiences in healthcare using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Stating that Animation is no more just about entertainment, he said: specializations such as Medical Animation are gaining ground as distinct verticals and helping expand the animation sector in India and across the world. In fact, the time is not far away when we will see every animation institute in Hyderabad and India imparting special courses in medical animation.


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Offering an immersive learning experience for animation students of Creative Multimedia, India’s most sought-after digital media catalyst, Dr. Neeraj screened a series of animation films showing the practical benefits of medical animation and stating: “To put it simply, medical animation has made it easier to explain/articulate things that were not possible earlier.” The animation films screened by Dr. Neeraj offered an easy-to-understand and crystal clear view of how medicines work inside the body, how surgical procedures are done and how the brain reacts to different stimuli and other physiological changes.

Elaborating on the growing role of Animation in healthcare, he said: “Hitherto a niche area, medical animation is now gaining increasing importance with the advent of new-age, game-changing enterprises in the healthcare space.

Globally, some of the major companies in the medical animation space include Immertive Pvt. Ltd. (India), INVIVO Communications (Canada), Random42 Scientific Communication (U.K.), Animated Biomedical Productions (Australia), AXS Studio (Canada) and a clutch of US companies such as Hybrid Medical Animation, Ghost Productions, Scientific Animations, Radius Digital Science, Nucleus Medical Media, Visible Body, Elara Systems, XVIVO Scientific Animation, Blausen Medical Communications, Trinsic Medical Animation and Viscira. (Source:

These companies are testing the limits and leveraging the practicality of animation for various purposes including: educating patients, making audio-video demonstrations – simulating a medical device or action of a drug on the body, cellular/molecular animation, emergency medical care education, surgical training, forensic reconstruction and more.


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Specifically, the therapeutic areas where medical animation is being used include: Cardiology, Dental, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery. Medical Animation in being used by many players across the healthcare eco-system including hospitals, medical device manufacturers, medical academies, life science companies, medico-legal firms, forensic departments and insurance companies.

Medical Animation is benefiting modern healthcare immensely. Though intended for different audiences, it is most commonly used as an instructional/educational tool for medical professionals and patients.

Art and science have combined and complemented each other to enable medical animation. In collaboration with medical experts, 3D Animation Artists and Medical Illustrators are bringing their knowledge of human anatomy, colour, light and matter to create medical animation. While continuous advancements in technology have helped shape CG (Computer Graphic), the combined effect of these developments is evident in visual communication across industries and verticals including medicine. The foundation for medical animation is medical illustration which is an industry-recognized specialization in numerous colleges around the world: The Department of Art for Medicine at the John Hopkins Medical School, U.S.A. is a popular example.


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With rising adoption of medical animation by healthcare and pharmaceutical companies; influx of start-ups; expansion of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries and rising population and lifestyle diseases coupled with the growing number of surgeries across the world, the medical animation market is expected to touch USD 301.3 Million by the year 2021, growing at a CAGR of 20.8% during the forecast period 2016 – 2021.

Current trends and future projections indicate that Medical Animation is expanding rapidly and is poised for a bigger presence as the sector throws up a plethora of attractive job opportunities. Medical Illustration and Medical Animation are in-demand skills with great scope for growth due to the dearth of trained talent. Being a fast-growing, sunrise sector, Medical Animation makes for a promising career pathway. And pursuing an industry-recognized animation degree course in India is the best way to get started.

Arena Animation Dilsukhnagar, creative multimedia college of fine arts, Creative Multimedia Events


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Perhaps, no individual has ‘entertained and inspired’ the world like Walt Disney. He lived many lives: entrepreneur, animation artist, voice actor and producer. The pioneer of Animation, and the man behind the iconic ‘Mickey Mouse’, Walt Disney created one the largest entertainment empires in the world, comprising the eponymous ‘Walt Disney Studios’ and ‘Disney World’. He received several awards, and honours including a record-breaking 22 Oscars (59 nominations). He was also awarded honorary degrees by several top universities including Harvard and Yale. The US government released a postal stamp in his honour and a minor planet ‘4017 Disneya’ was named after him. Disney remains the central figure in the history of animation and is possibly the most enterprising entertainer the world has seen.

Inspired by the legend of Walt Elias Disney, students of Creative Multimedia College, Dilsukhnagar conducted an art show in his honour. Aptly titled ‘THE WALT DISNEY RETROSPECTIVE’, the show was held at the Nehru Art Gallery, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), Hyderabad from 05 – 09 February 2019. Walt Disney would have been immensely proud of the creative skills displayed by students of Creative Multimedia College of Fine Arts (CMCFA) – Hyderabad.

The show featured 114 beautiful portraits of Walt Disney, created by students of CMCFA – the Animation and Applied Arts training initiative of Creative Multimedia Group. Each a unique work of art, the portraits gracing the walls of Nehru Art Gallery had visitors awe-struck. Students experimented with a range of interesting tools and mediums: coffee on paper, graphite dust on the ivory sheet, nails and yarn on wood, pencil on corrugated board, etching on a mirror, colour engraving on foil, plaster of Paris on cardboard, mixed media on glass, glitter on paper and paper collage.

Students also employed mixed media and such conventional tools-mediums as soft pastel on paper, poster colour on paper, watercolour on paper, colour pencil on the ivory sheet, charcoal on paper, oil on canvas, acrylic on paper, crayons on mount board, and sketch pen on paper to create inspiring illustrations and artworks.

Praveen Kilaru – Visual Effects (VFX) veteran and Production Head at Digital Domain graced the show as the Chief Guest and was blown away by the art skills of CMCFA students. He went around the gallery, observed the exhibits keenly, spent time with each student to understand the thought process behind their respective artworks and complimented them individually.


Addressing the media, Praveen said: “I didn’t come with a lot of expectations but was really blown away after seeing the exhibits. All the works are unique. Marvellous! The student’s passion is evident and so is the faculty’s zeal. I’m very proud to see this promising talent. It gives the industry a lot more confidence. I must thank the CEO of Creative Multimedia B. Raja Sekhar for grooming such fine talent which is very helpful for studios like us. You must conduct more of these art shows.”

Praveen had many encouraging words for students. Praising their work, he said: “Continue with the same passion. All of you will do great and earn many accolades in your respective animation careers. Remember, it’s important that you back up your art skills with good presentation skills. To sell your idea, you must articulate the process – what inspired you to create the artwork, how you did it and what was your approach. This is a valuable career skill. Importantly, in the VFX sector, passion takes precedence over money. So be prepared to work hard.” At the end of his address, he extended an invite to aspiring animation and VFX artists of CMCFA to visit Digital Domain.

Digital Domain is acknowledged as a global force in VFX with over 100 major awards including Clios, BAFTA and Cannes Lions apart from Oscar awards for the films ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, ‘What Dreams May Come’ and ‘Titanic’. Digital Domain recently bagged an Academy nomination in the VFX category for the film ‘Avengers – Infinity War’.

  1. Shankar, popular caricaturist and winner of several prestigious national and international awards including the Grand Prix World Press Cartoon Award graced the show and appreciated students. Prof. Dr N. Kavita Daryani Rao, Vice-Chancellor of JNAFAU and Mr Vikas, Principal of JNAFAU also visited the gallery as special guests and appreciated CMCFA students.


Speaking to the press, Mr Buggaveeti Raja Sekhar, CEO of Creative Multimedia Group said: “CMCFA frequently conducts art shows with the motto ‘Education with a purpose – Art for a cause’. The art shows are part of CMCFA’s multiple initiatives aimed at helping students build a strong foundation in drawing while embracing a noble cause. Our previous art show ‘Mahanati’ was a resounding success and the proceeds of the exhibits sold at the show benefited the victims of flood-ravaged Kerala.”

CMCFA is famed for producing highly trained animation, VFX and applied arts professionals. Offering updated, industry-oriented programs imparted by passionate mentors in a supportive learning environment, CMCFA ensures the best resources and career support for career aspirants.

On the strength of its benchmark 3D animation courses in Hyderabad, CMCFA offers the best 3D animation training in Hyderabad with excellent placement assistance. Over the years, CMCFA has gained prominence as the best animation training institute in Hyderabad. With the focus on enhancing employability, the college helps students pursue successful careers in the digital media and entertainment industry. CMCFA is part of Creative Multimedia Group which owns and operates India’s Largest Digital Media Academy.