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Its raining awards for ‘Feel the Punch’.

aThe students of ‘Dilsukhnagar Arena’ have once again brought laurels to the academy by bagging the ‘Best Animation Film Award’ at the 2nd edition of the Hyderabad Short Film Festival (HSFF) 2011.

“Feel the Punch” is a hilarious 3D animation short film in which a beggar outsmarts a bystander. The climax especially leaves the audience in splits and is an indirect satirical reflection on the evolution of technology. Apart from the fact that it has bagged eight awards at reputed film festivals around the globe( excluding HSFF), “Feel the Punch” has another distinction : it is the only animation short film on you tube with nearly nine and a half lakh hits to its credit.

The 2nd edition of the Hyderabad Short Film Festival was a grand affair with a good turnout of fans and aspiring filmmakers. Prominent Tollywood personalities graced the occasion and spent some quality time with the budding filmmakers. In short, the festival which was held on the 17th and 18th of March at Prasad Labs in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad was a memorable occasion.

Mr. Relangi Narasimha Rao, famous film director of Tollywood, gave away the award for “Feel the Punch” to RajaSekhar Buggaveeti, the MD and CEO of ‘Dilsukhnagar Arena’.

Yet another award only goes to emphasize the quality of the training at ‘Dilsukhnagar Arena’ and stands testimony to their expertise in the field of Animation.

‘Best Animation Film Award’ at the 2nd edition of the Hyderabad Short Film Festival (HSFF) 2011.

‘Best Animation Film Award’ at the 2nd edition of the Hyderabad Short Film Festival (HSFF) 2011.

3D Short Films, Awards, Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

…..‘Twisted’ its way through competition to capture the ‘Best 3D Animation Short Film Award’.

ASIFA International Animation Day Celebrations
Asifa India Awards of Excellence-2011, Mumbai

Dilsukhnagar Arena students walked away with the ‘Best 3D Animation Short Film Award’ in the ‘Student Category’ of the ASIFA India Awards of Excellence -2011 for their film ‘Twisted’ which was declared the winner at the awards night held on the evening of Sunday the 6th of November, 2011 at Mumbai.

The award marks the film’s debut at the awards circuit. ‘Twisted’ features a hilarious episode between a master and his pet. The film enjoyed a grand launch by three time national award winner and VFX Supervisor of the iconic Rajnikanth film ‘Robo’, Mr. Srinivas Mohan during Dilsukhnagar Arena’s 13th Anniversary Celebrations.

…..‘Twisted’ its way through competition to capture the ‘Best 3D Animation Short Film Award’ - Asifa 2011

…..‘Twisted’ its way through competition to capture the ‘Best 3D Animation Short Film Award’.

About the festival
ASIFA’s International Animation Day (IAD) is an annual global celebration aimed at recognizing the people involved in the art and technology of animation.

The festival is celebrated every year with great pomp. Since its start in 2002, IAD has been a film festival that has provided Indian animation artists, a platform to interact and build a community. Being amongst the first animation festivals in India, IAD has been actively supported by the artist’s community and the industry at large.

This year, IAD is being celebrated at various locations throughout the country (Mumbai, Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Calicut, Thrissur and Trivandrum) between November 6th and November 13th. Some of the cities will have day long events and in some cities, screening of animation content will take place. Several entertaining and enriching programs/session have been lined up for the celebrations. The festival moves to Hyderabad on November13, 2011 .

3D Short Films, Awards, Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

Hamburg raises a toast to “Feel the punch”

Hamburg raises a toast to "Feel the punch"

Hamburg raises a toast to “Feel the punch”

It is a matter of great pride for all of us at Dilsukhnagar Arena that the enchanting 3D character ‘Mona’ in our immensely popular and successful Student Short Film ‘Feel the punch’ was featured prominently as a poster at the inaugural of the Bitfilm-12 festival in Germany. Amidst a starry array of entries from across the world, it is indeed a great honour and a tribute to our training standards that our film/character was chosen for the official poster at the launch venue. It may be recalled that ‘Feel the punch’ has already won a coveted nomination at this prestigious international film festival along with our other student short film ‘Hugo Vs Lino’.

Bitfilm’s opening event took place in Hamburg, Germany’s media capital and Bitfilm’s hometown on Monday, the 17th of October, 2011. Ms. M. Subashini, Consule General of India in Hamburg lit the “lamp of the festival” to commence the celebrations. The opening program featured highlights from the three competitions.

3D Short Films, Awards, Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

Bit film-12 Digital Film Festival, Germany – Dilsukhnagar Arena attracts international nomination

‘Feel the punch’, a hilarious short film crafted by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena Animation was honoured with a prestigious nomination at the Annual Bit Film Digital Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany.

After Monstra-2011 Lisbon Animated Film Festival in Portugal, this is the second international nomination for ‘Feel the punch’. The film has already created a record of sorts by capturing seven coveted awards till date apart from emerging a rage on You Tube with its video registering well over 8 lakh clicks (8,23,401) till date (13 Oct, 2011).

Feel the punch is a 3D Animation Short Film which presents a funny encounter between a youngster, a girl and a beggar.

The prestigious nomination is a testament to Dilsukhnagar Arena’s capabilities in and commitment to grooming top-class Animation talent. Dilsukhnagar Arena is India’s largest Digital Media Academy reputed for its world-class infrastructure and outcome-driven revolutionary paradigms that have afforded rewarding careers for scores of students till date.

About Bit film-12 Digital Film Festival

The Bitfilm Festival is organised by Bitfilm Networks GmbH, based in Hamburg (Germany). It was founded in 2000 as a festival for digital film in Hamburg. In 2011, the Bitfilm Festival will take place on the Internet, in Germany’s media capital Hamburg and in India’s hi-tech metropolis Bangalore.

Bitfilm Festival has been showing films that use digital technology in a creative and innovative way. The Bitfilm Festival takes place on the Internet and in two cities each year: Hamburg and Barcelona in 2007, Hamburg and Stuttgart in 2008, Hamburg and Tel Aviv in 2009. It had guest appearances in Paris, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Berlin and Cologne.

The award categories at the festival include: 3D Space Award: All genres in 3D animation | FM Mix Award: All genres which mix techniques – 3D & 2D animation, live action and Machinima Award: All genres shot live inside a computer game or a virtual world-RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

Awards, Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

It’s raining awards for ‘Feel the punch’: a humorous 3D Animation short from Dilsukhnagar Arena

4 prestigious awards so far and there’s no stopping ‘Feel the punch’. A tummy-tickling Animation short film featuring brilliantly designed characters, ‘Feel the punch’ continued its winning streak at the awards circuit to capture its 5th award: ‘Best Animated Movie’ at a glittering awards function held on the 26th of February, 2011 at Chennai.

‘Feel the punch’ was conceptualized and created in just 70 days by a team of 22 students from Dilsukhnagar Arena using Maya 2009, Foundry Nuke and Photoshop in a real-time environment and under the able guidance of industry-experienced mentors. The students had the privilege of working on production-class technologies and access to the best library that any Animation training facility in India can boast of–Dilsukhnagar Arena.

With over 12 years of proven experience in grooming industry-ready Animation, VFX and Web Artists, Dilsukhnagar Arena is widely acknowledged as the choice destination for students across India who wish to pursue a rewarding career in the digital media industry. The influential Animation training at Dilsukhnagar Arena enriched with a steady stream of pioneering value-additions ensures that students are well-grounded in the craft and are fully prepared for their careers in the industry.

Dilsukhnagar Arena participated in the 2009 edition of the Gateway Awards Festival, and captured the top honour in the Animation category for its 2D Animation short film ‘FUEL DUEL’ apart from winning prestigious nominations for its 2D Animation short films ‘A GARDEN DREAM’ and ‘THE FARMER AND HIS GOAT’. The award for ‘Feel the punch’ this year at Gateway underlined Dilsukhnagar Arena’s extended success at this prestigious national-level festival.

Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

Cecelia-The Balcony Girl: The result of DNA Inc.s profound CG internship programs

A High-Definition 3D Animation short film put together by a team of Animation interns at DNA Inc. (Dilsukhnagar Arena Incubation), ‘Cecelia – The Balcony Girl’ is just the kind of project, aspiring CG Artists yearn to work on and include in their all–important ‘demo-reel’.

Watch this love’able comedy at: http://www.balconygirl.in

Digitized with extreme attention to detail, ‘Cecelia-The Balcony Girl’ is a project that sets the standards for High-Definition 3D Animation short films in India . The consummate CG skills of the team of 22 Animation students is evident in every frame of the film, thanks to the profound training from perhaps the most sought-after CG Mentors in the Animation industry.

The film is attracting immense appreciation from diverse quarters of the industry and is a testament to DNA Inc.’s highly result-oriented CG internship program. This is the 5th Animation short film from DNA Inc. and all the previous 4 films, some multiple award-winners, have been crafted by students with no production experience at all.

This is what DNA Inc. has set out to achieve with every batch of interns; transform young talent into experienced CG Artists ready for the studio. DNA Inc. does this by assigning film projects to budding Animation students, familiarizing them with the production pipeline and equipping them with sufficient production experience to hit the ground running as they hunt for careers in Animation, Modeling & Texturing, Rigging, Lighting & Compositing and other specialization across the CG talent spectrum.

These internship programs are conducted by Dilsukhnagar Arena; the undisputed citadel of Animation, VFX and Web training in India . From advanced training infrastructure powered by production-class technologies, to a battery of industry-experienced mentors and best library for knowledge enhancement and research, the training environment is engaging, inspiring and truly enriching.

Upon successful completion of internship at DNA Inc., participants receive an internship certificate authenticating their industry-ready CG skills. And on the strength of their production experience, candidates can seek rewarding job opportunities at leading Animation Studios across the world. Outstanding talent may benefit from lateral entries and leapfrog into big positions at the very beginning of their careers.

Awards, Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

3rd Nasik International Film Festival-2010 – “The Farmer and His Goat” basks in Golden Glory

3rd Nasik international Film Festival-2010 "The Farmer and His Goat" basks in Golden Glory

3rd Nasik international Film Festival-2010 “The Farmer and His Goat” basks in Golden Glory

The 2D Animation short film ‘The Farmer and His Goat’ outshone 13 short films at the Nasik International Film Festival-2010 to capture the Golden Camera Award (Dadasaheb Phalke Janmabhumi Puraskar) for Best Animation film.

Having won five prestigious awards earlier, this is the sixth award for ‘The Farmer and His Goat’ – a 2D Animation short film crafted by 3 budding Animation students of Dilsukhnagar Arena. A  film with a sense of purpose, ‘The Farmer and His Goat’ sends out a strong message against animal sacrifice; one of the most ghastly practices still prevalent in India.

Govind Rajewar, Sachin Punde and Parag Warade, three budding Animation students of Dilsukhnagar Arena had to craft a film as part of their Animation course at Dilsukhnagar Arena, Hyderabad and decided to make the project a meaningful one. The effort paid off as the film won 6 prestigious awards. The most recent award was at The Nasik International Film Festival held between Janauary 20 and 23, 2010. The film dominated 13 other short films in the Animation short films category to capture the ‘Golden Camera Award (Dadasaheb Phalke Janmabhumi Puraskar)’ for Best Animation film which comes with a shining Trophy, a Certificate and a Cash Prize sponsored by the Maharashtra Government.

Awards, Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

Four. And there’s more!

‘Feel the punch’ adds feather no.4 to its decorated awards cap

‘Feel the punch’ cornered all the glory at the 7th edition of MAAC’s Annual 24 FPS Animation awards celebrations as it outshone competition to claim the Best 3D Animated Short Film award in the student team (open) category. Three prestigious recognitions at prominent Animation film festivals so far and ‘Feel the punch’ is showing no signs of fatigue.

The film is the proud recipient of

  • The Special Jury Award at the Awards of Excellence, Asifa IAD-2010
  • The Special Jury Award at the Short and Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad (SDFFH)-2010
  • and The TASI Viewer’s Choice Award in the “Student Films Category” at Anifest India-2010

Going by the overwhelming response for ‘Feel the punch’ at all the film festivals it has participated in so far, the film looks like it’s well on course to creating a shatter-proof record as it races ahead to the top honours at many more national and international film festivals in the near future.

The film was ideated and animated by a team of 25 students at Dilsukhnagar Arena in just 70 days. The budding team of animators crafted the film in a real-time production environment as part of their intensive internship program.

‘Feel the punch’ is creating waves on the internet as its video hosted on YouTube has registered a staggering 2,50,000 clicks in a very short time and is all set to create a record for any short film in its category. The film has been screened specially for select audiences and also at various film festivals. No screening has ended without the audience bursting into thunderous applause and demanding an encore.

It latest recognition at the 24 FPS Animation awards comes as no surprise. The 7th Annual 24 FPS Animation awards were held at the SRPF Grounds in Goregaon, Mumbai on November 19, 2010. The Awards showcased the best animation & VFX work in Hollywood, Bollywood, gaming and commercials. The prestigious event had nominations not only from young Animators and studios in India but also from countries like China, France, Germany and the US.

The jury was drawn from studios like DreamWorks, Lucas film, Rhythm & Hues, Prime Focus, Prana, Pixion, Crest Animation, Maya Digital Media, and more and the awards were given away in over 20 categories covering Gaming, TV, VFX and Advertising.

‘Best Film’ award at the ‘24 FPS Animation awards-2010’

‘Best Film’ award at the ‘24 FPS Animation awards-2010’

Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

A nomination for excellence!

‘Feel the punch’, an immensely popular 3-minute rom-com was nominated for the ‘Awards of Excellence’ in the ‘Students Category’ at Asifa India’s International Animation Day celebrations-2010 in Hyderabad and emerged a strong contender for the ‘Best Film Award’. Feel the punch is a High-Definition 3D Animation short film crafted by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena.

The film has the unique distinction of being India ’s first Animation short film to cross 1 lakh hits on You Tube a few days ago. The film has now shot past 1, 35,000 hits and is racing towards the 2 lakh mark – a new high for any Indian Animation short film till date on You Tube. This exceptionally popular short which has already bagged two prestigious awards – the Tasi Viewer’s Choice Award at Anifest India-2010 and the Best Animation Film Award at the Short and Documentary Film Festival of Hyderabad-2010 can be viewed at this link: www.feelthepunch.com

ASIFA India’s International Animation Day (IAD) – an annual global celebration endeavoring to recognize budding talent in the art and technology of animation, kicked off celebrations for its 10th edition on the 28th of October, 2010 at Shilpa Kala Vedika, HITEC city, Hyderabad .

This year’s celebrations, IAD 10, in India is being celebrated at various locations throughout the country between October 24 and November 8, 2010. After Hyderabad, the festival moved to Pune on 26th Oct,  Indore on 28th Oct and is now heading to Bengaluru on 29th Oct, Mumbai on 31st Oct and then to Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Calicut and finally Kochi.RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

Dilsukhnagar Arena, Short Film Awards

Hugo Vs Lino: an award-winning battle from Dilsukhnagar Arena

Hugo Vs Lino – the sci-fi, action short from Dilsukhnagar Arena hoisted the ‘v’ sign as it captured the ‘Best Animation Film’ at ‘THE NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL-TEN MINUTES TO FAME’ organized by IMT Nagpur in association with Ten Motion Arts and Cyrus Dastur’s Shamiana on 15th and 16th October, 2010.

Hugo Vs Lino is a High-Definition 3D Animation short film created by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena. Featuring high technical values, this sci-fi action film dwells on a man-cyborg duel. A team of 25 budding animators slogged tirelessly through the production-pipeline to wrap up the project in 60 days.RajaSekhar Buggaveeti

All entries for the awards at the festival were viewed by a preview committee and selection was completed by October 12, 2010. The top 20 films were screened on 15th and 16th of October 2010 to the judging committee and a packed audience in the theatre of IMT Nagpur after which Hugo Vs Lino was declared the winner in the Animation category.

The award acknowledges the creative brilliance and professional craftsmanship that the young team of students at Dilsukhnagar Arena demonstrated through the film. The ‘Best Animation Film’ Award for Hugo Vs Lino comes with a cash prize, a citation and a very special honour: Hugo Vs Lino will be screened in theatres of Shamiana’s chapters across India at Mumbai, Pune, Delhi , Ahmedabad, Baroda and Goa.